ICM Women's Initiative

A church within walking distance of every woman around the world.

INITIATIVE UPDATE: 182 of our original goal of 200 churches have been funded! To God be the glory!

The ICM Women’s Initiative was created to fund the construction of 200 churches that will improve the lives of women in developing nations. Thousands of women will benefit from these churches, which will offer child care, vocational training, education, medical care, food distribution and Bible study. Even more will be reached through new church plants established by these 200 congregations.

Gifts will be matched dollar for dollar. 100% of your contribution will go directly to the construction of these 200 churches.

Help us end the heartbreaking cycles in these women’s lives–those of teen pregnancy, poverty, domestic abuse, human trafficking, prostitution, drug abuse, gang violence and infanticide.

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Help us meet our goal by the end of 2017!

Are you interested in linking arms with friends, family, co-workers or fellow church members to build a church for women facing obstacles beyond our comprehension? If you’d like to host an event in your home to share this opportunity, please take a look at the downloadable resources below.

If hosting an event doesn’t interest you, there are lots of other ways to get involved. Below are just a few of the creative ways other women have funded churches:

  • Julie started the Fish Co. to make and sell bags and dolls to fund a church orphanage in Africa.
  • Janet Ward implemented corporate tithing at her law practice.
  • Helen and Peggy began flipping houses to raise money.
  • The ladies of Wrightsboro Baptist Church pooled their many talents—cooking, singing and crafting, to name just a few—and have since sponsored not one, but two church projects.
  • Meagan asked her friends and family to give instead of sending gifts or money for her 16th birthday.

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How would God use your talent?

If you would like to talk to someone about ways to get involved with the ICM Women’s Initiative, please call Cheryl Simmons at 757-848-5865 or email csimmons@icm.org. We’d love to talk to you!

Share the ICM Women’s Initiative with your family, friends and small groups using the printable PDF documents below. Just click on the link and print!

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Your Event Kit

You’ve decided you’d like to host an event. Great! Download your kit below. It has everything you’ll need from invitations to thank you notes.

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