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We are Grey and New, But Still Growing

Catalytic change comes from cooperation. This is why we want to highlight this recent testimony from Bible Missions in Kazakhstan.

Bible Missions (BMI) has been winning people for Christ for years. This organization is actively involved in evangelism, discipleship and training ministry in Germany, United States, Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

What we’re impressed with is this ministry’s dedication to loving people. This love looks like providing shelter, collaborating with local missionaries and communities, supporting young Christians in a global gap-year, opportunities for online school and even more.

They said it perfectly in this video: the idea is to “provide an opportunity for hope. It’s not tradition and it’s not theology. So despite politics and oppression, despite evil and obstacles, despite hopelessness and despite everything, God is here.”

God is here. And each year about 25 young Christian communities receive help in constructing a prayer house through BMI’s partnership International Cooperating Ministries. This is radical stuff, it’s creating catalytic change in nations that were once gray and hopeless. People are getting healed, communities are being restored, and best of all, Jesus is being proclaimed and discipled to the nations.

Check out BMI’s work on their website. http://www.biblemissions.org/index.html

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