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Until the Beatings Stop

Indian evangelistsDeep in Northern India, at around 10 a.m., two young men climb onto a motorcycle and drive the dusty dirt roads from their home to a nearby village. They park the motorcycle and begin going door to door in the village, knocking and asking if anyone needs prayer. Some slam the door in their faces. Others welcome them inside, allowing them to lay hands on the sick and share the Good News of the Gospel.

The young men repeat this trip six days per week, covering nearly 100 miles per day.

Often, local Hindu radicals hear about these men in their village. They attack the young men, sometimes beating them so severely that they cannot walk for days. When asked how often they go back to these dangerous areas, the men replied,

“We go until the beatings stop.”

As of last year, these two young men had planted 32 house churches in one of the most hostile mission fields in the world. These congregations have since grown, and some have petitioned ICM for help in constructing their own places of worship.

The Gospel is spreading in least-reached places…because you join with those who will go until the beatings stop.

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