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The ONLY Building in the Village

Churches are made of people, not bricks and mortar. However, we’ve learned over the past 30 years that when you equip a local congregation with a building, it becomes an incredible tool for ministry and the church body grows quickly. Our newest ministry partner in Africa had this to say about the fruit he is witnessing in his recently constructed ICM churches:

“What happens in South Africa, in the squalor camps…when we put up a church…you see the church from afar. It’s the biggest, most beautiful building in the area. Suddenly, all of the weddings are at that church. All the funerals are at that church. All of the political meetings, they rent the church. All the baby dedications—all of the things that happen where the community meets as a whole—suddenly happen at this church. And we find the church grows and doubles and triples within months after the church is finished.” 

The enduring impact of apartheid in South Africa has left behind entire communities who struggle for basic human needs. With our partner, we are building churches in the center of these communities. Churches that double as clinics, schools, social work centers, meeting halls, wedding chapels and funeral homes. This particular ICM partner has over 3,000 churches currently meeting in tents or makeshift buildings, and with God’s grace our vision is to build a church for all of them!

Check out a couple BEFORE AND AFTER pictures below. The construction style is unique, and it allows them to build the entire structure in only a few weeks–for just $10,000!

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