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The Light on the Hill Shines Again

Znamenka 1In Eastern Siberia, 700 miles north of Mongolia, lies the tiny village of Znamenka. Troubled by tough economic times, Znamenka’s young people routinely migrate to the cities to find work.

However, since 2001, one small church has stood at the top of the village hill, offering a place of community for the local children. Every year, the church’s elderly members have arranged Easter services in the spring, Vacation Bible School in the summer, harvest festivals in the fall, and Christmas activities in the winter. The children flocked to the church, learning about Jesus and His love for them.

The locals nicknamed the church “the light on the hill,” because it could be seen from everywhere in the village and was known as the place where true Christians could be found.

Last year, just 10 days after Easter, Znamenka suffered a terrible fire, and this tiny wooden church burned to the ground.

Znamenka 2

ICM reached out to you, our faithful supporters, and asked for your help to rebuild Znamenka Church. You responded generously. Today, on the hill in Znamenka, stands a beautiful new church that will last for decades to come. On dedication day, there was standing room only as villagers, young and old, packed the building to celebrate God’s gracious provision.

Znamenka 4 Znamenka 3

The light on the hill shines again. Thanks to you.

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