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Tanzania for Jesus!

Ron Scott, ICM Area Director for the Midwest, with church member following worship.

The trip has been wonderful thus far. Tonight we had a special dinner with the board of Tanzania Assemblies of God….one of the women made African clothes for each of the team…..they are incredibly warm and special folks and extraordinarily grateful for the partnership with ICM. There is clear evidence that God is using ICM for this indigenous ministry; to reach their goal: TANZANIA FOR JESUS!!!” We hear this cheered at every church we visit. The team has connected extremely well and each are having a memorable time. We worshipped in a church of 1000 yesterday located in the slums of Dar Es Salaam…Manzese B Church. Our team participated in dedicating a medical clinic they are opening close by. All of the doctors and nurses are members of the church. The congregation is so proud and it was exactly what we long to see….the local church taking the initiative to impact their communities for Jesus Christ. Now we are off to Zanzibar.


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