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Spiritual victories through Indian church buildings


In October 2014 we received word from Pastor Paul, one of our international ministry partners, that the Lord brought spiritual victories in the midst of intense religious persecution throughout India. He reported that the construction of a simple church building or use of the Mini Bible College in a rural village may not seem like much to Westerners, but the impact it has had in accelerating the Gospel is tremendous.


This growth included 4,080 new baptisms, 22 new house churches planted, 2,000 children fed monthly through local churches, 10 wells drilled in needy villages, and 600 national missionaries supported. We anticipate that these numbers have grown even more and that the Lord has continued to move among the people of Kerala by His grace and mercy.IMG_0749

Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice in advancing God’s Kingdom where the fields are ripe for harvest. May we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in India and for our shared mission.

Do you think you’d be interested in helping ICM blanket this nation with Christ-following communities? Together we will see redemption and change in Jesus’ name!

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