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Reaching Muslims in the Middle East with Mini Bible College

We have to use extreme caution when sharing about our work in the Middle East, because our partners are located in some of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians.

We recently interviewed one of our partners, who has distributed hundreds of our MBC audio players for use in evangelizing Muslims. The conversation below is our partner recalling a recent conversation he had with a Muslim at a refugee camp where he works.

“I will not forget when I was working a radio program, I got a phone call from a gentleman from this country. I asked him where he lived. He said he lived in a difficult area.

I said, ‘How can I help you?’

He said, ‘We need the Bible.’

‘You don’t have the Bible?!’

‘No. I go to the radio and I listen to the Bible reading from the [program], and I write it down. I go back and share it with my friend because this is our Bible—what we’re listening to through the radio.’

This is the miracle of technology. We can put all of the Bible on an [MBC audio player]. It’s solar, so it can save the power. And they can listen to all of the Bible on this [device] easily. Also, there is a program to learn from—it is like a small Bible college. If they are in a village in their country [in the] Middle East, they have a chance to learn more about God.”

Please pray that God’s Word would change the hearts of Muslims in this region!


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