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Re-purposing a Communist Camp in Moldova

It is incredible to witness how God uses for good what man intended for evil.

This week’s post starts during the communist era of the Former Soviet Union. Historically, churches there have led summer camps, marriage retreats, and rehabilitation all year long. In this part of the world, camping was and is a big part of Christian culture, so it wasn’t unusual for church buildings to convert to a hotel for a few weeks of the year to accommodate this need.

The communists learned of this phenomenon, and they copied the church. They built camps all over Eastern Europe, where children would stay for weeks and months to be indoctrinated on communist ideology. After the fall of communism, these camp facilities sat empty. The great news is that now these state-owned properties are being liquidated at a fraction of their real value.

Last year, our church partner in Moldova led an ICM vision trip team on a tour of one of these abandoned communist camps, and we agreed to help them transform it into an incredible tool for church ministry. They purchased the property last year and are halfway through a two-year build plan. The camp is truly a breathtaking place, and the possibilities for church ministry are endless: summer camps, weekend youth retreats, marriage retreats, leadership training, and more. Our partner expects more than 2,000 people to benefit from the camp each year starting in 2017.

God is using a communist indoctrination camp to bring the Gospel to thousands of Moldovans! Check out these pictures from our recent visit to the camp.

Moldova-camp torch of faith (1) Moldova-camp torch of faith (7) Moldova-camp torch of faith (5) Moldova-camp torch of faith


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