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Permanent Church Homes Bring Freedom to Nepal

Rugged mountains are a significant part of Nepal’s landscape. While beautiful, they keep indigenous peoples from easy business with neighboring peoples. Families face danger as they look for opportunity. Many seek construction and domestic servant jobs. Others travel hundreds of miles to relocate in an area that provides manual labor jobs.

For many pilgrims, the journey leads to dehumanizing abuse. Women are forced into cycles of sex trafficking. Men are kept long hours on risky work sites. Nepalese are vulnerable once they leave their homes and suffer virtually inescapable violence.

Communities are broken and families are spread thin, and many NGOs haven’t been able to protect or advocate for these people.

Pastor Amulya's congregation built their permanent church home in the world-famous mountains of Nepal.

Pastor Amulya’s congregation built their permanent church home in the world-famous mountains of Nepal.

In the midst of this situation, ICM has 74 projects within Nepali borders, and we’re witnessing real solutions to these conditions.

Pastor Amulya recalls when his family went through various health, financial and social problems due to their own poverty.

He remembers during that time an unknown person gave him a Christian booklet saying only Jesus has the ability to heal. Understandably, Amulya wanted to see it was true or not. He and his wife started to pray in secret. Through regular prayer and fellowship, their health problems were healed. Since that encounter, he accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord. This was 1974, 12 years before ICM was founded.

It’s been more than 40 years since Amulya’s decision, and we are seeing God moving mightily in Nepal!

Recently an ICM employee fielded a call from a friend in Woodbridge, Virginia, who has his own ministry to the Nepalese. His adopted son has been working in Nepal for a number of years with people in the mountainous regions out of Katmandu. He currently works with about 40 pastors, ministering to a total of about 30,000 people. They recently discovered ICM’s Mini Bible College in Nepali. With small Bluetooth speakers and solar-powered SD cards used with cell phones, God has provided a connection between this ministry, ICM and a radio station out of Katmandu.

Amulya’s church now has more than 160 members! Alongside these friends, we prayerfully anticipate God’s continued miracles in Nepal.

To God be the glory!

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