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Pastor Reyansh Shares His Incredible Testimony

Around the ICM office, we talk about the ministry in terms of building projects and often have to remind ourselves that each building is a tool for ministry. With each project, we ask for a picture of the local pastor as well as his or her testimony–these are great reminders that we haven’t just approved 6,000 church projects, but 6,000 pastors and congregations as well!

We hope you’ll find Pastor Reyansh’s testimony as compelling as we did:

Greetings to you in sweet name of Jesus!

I am Reyansh J. I was born in a Hindu family. From my childhood, I visited Hindu temples and offered Pooja (Worship). I was not interested to perform the Pooja, but for my parents and relatives compulsion I went with them. When I was 7 months old, polio attacked me. Due to this my both legs were affected and I could not walk even now. I am using tricycle fitted with motor for traveling.

In the year 1992, one Christian worker came to our village and shared about God. After a couple of day’s discussions, I was convinced and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. As Christianity was new to me, I knew nothing about what to do and what not to do. I started to read Bible and attend church. In my village there was no church, so I used to travel nearly 20 kms to attend Sunday Church Service. In the year 1994, May 20 I made a covenant with God through water baptism. I was regularly attending church and also doing my job. After my salvation, God placed a great burden to reach my community with Christ.

In August 1996 while in a prayer meeting God spoke to me through a pastor about my Call to full time ministry. I did not take it seriously. Again God spoke through another minister during 1998. This time I accepted and submitted myself to God to do ministry. For 2 years I worked under my pastor.

In 2000 God opened a way to pioneer a church in my village. This place has no church or Christians. I shared my testimony and prayed for the peoples. God bless me and my ministry. Even though we faced many obstacles, we still worship God in this place.

I was married in October 2004. I am blessed with three children. My wife assists me in the ministry.

Yours in His Vineyard,
Pastor Reyansh


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