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My Experiences Using the Mini Bible College App

Hello! I’m Sarah! Currently, I am a rising junior at Old Dominion University and an intern at International Cooperating Ministries. During my time here, I have become very familiar with Mini Bible College materials, including the free mobile app for both Apple and Android products. I am simply amazed at the ease and accessibility of this app and wanted to share my excitement with others!

First of all, the app is incredibly easy to download and use. After selecting English from the list of 36 languages offered, all pages work exactly the same as the MBC website. There are four different categories to choose from (Sermon on the Mount, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, and Family and Marriage) and each category has multiple lessons. Overall, there are 215 30-minute lessons. Additionally, there is a tab labeled “About Us,” which includes information about Mini Bible College and International Cooperating Ministries.

Because I am heavily involved with the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Old Dominion, I am always looking for Bible Studies and topics of interest. Like I mentioned before, while working at ICM, I have become very acquainted with the materials of MBC. After discussing with my campus minister, hopefully MBC will be used in correspondence with our Bible studies!

Personally, I love using the Mini Bible College app. Although I usually like to take notes during a study, I have started listening to Pastor Woodward while running. Listening to a lesson instead of music makes the run pass by much faster. Then, when I finish exercising, I write down all notes that I remember. This way I pay more attention when listening in order to record the main ideas and remember better in the future.

After individually using the app, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Conveniently, it is free and the information presented is very relatable. There is a good mixture of Biblical explanation and illustrations. Make sure to head over to the app store and search “Mini Bible College” for a wonderful and worthwhile new app!

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