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Moving from kingdom to Kingdom

Jose Enrique Gonzalez-Orozco was one of seven children. His mother ran away from his father, because he was a warlock in a village in the province of Puntarenas. His father made it known to his mother that he did not like children, and when one was born he would become angry.

In response, Jose’s mother fled to the province of Alajuela to save her children’s lives. She found a park to sleep in, and within a few days, a man named Hector helped their entire family by adopting them as his own. From that point on, Hector began taking Jose to a Christian church, and the family was filled with joy.

One day, Jose’s brother told him that Hector was not actually his real father. These words had tremendous influence on Jose’s heart and awakened a hatred towards his adopted father. From that point on, everything changed in Jose’s life.

When he was just seven years old, he was abused by someone very close to his family. This abuse in turn brought bad behavior, which quickly worsened to such a degree that Jose was admitted to a reformatory. With his father’s tools, Jose ended up escaping from the reformatory and began to cultivate contempt towards his father and God.Untitled design (3)

The anger burning in Jose built up so much that he started attending Satanist gatherings, and for more than 18 years he submitted to that lifestyle. He eventually married, and his wife gave birth to their first child. By this time, Jose had to moved to a level in the occult that could only be completed through human sacrifice. Because of this, Jose mistreated his family to the point where he kept feeding them dog waste.

Many years prior, Jose did some work for a man whom he heard was a Christian. Jose told this man he could not believe fully that this man could actually trust in God. However, when he looked into this man’s eyes, Jose saw a brightness of life. He told Jose that Christ completely changed his life around. As the conversation continued, he challenged him to see the changing power of Christ himself.

For a week, Jose was to pray to Jesus and then pray to to his own god. By the end of the week, Jose went to a church to hear a sermon on Jesus. That day turned into a massive struggle, due to covenants he had made to principalities other than Jesus earlier in his life. The reality was that these powers needed to be broken by the true power of Jesus forever. He asked for this very thing, and so it was done.

Today, Jose and his wife serve the one true King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, in their Costa Rican neighborhood at La Guacima Iglesia y Centro de Esperanza. Thanks to God, this family was restored! Jose’s wife and children serve the Lord alongside him.

The closest BIble-believing church to La Guacima Iglesia y Centro de Esperanza is 55 miles away!

The closest BIble-believing church to La Guacima Iglesia y Centro de Esperanza is 55 miles away!

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