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Moldova Vision Trip Highlights

From one of our travelers…

At a church service

They [the church members] minister to many who need shelter, food, relief from broken families…and from other villages around. This village is the kind of village we see in Acts that God wanted. We, as an ICM team, only met each other a few days ago but felt soundly connected because we serve the same Lord. We have the same connection with these people because we serve the same Lord with them as well.

At an ICM Hope Center

Many children experience youth programs throughout the week and the Lord’s work here has had a dramatically positive effect upon the local community and the local authorities. Christian families shelter children in the Hope Center (attached to the prayer house) to provide needed showers, beds, rest, food, love and acceptance. Seeing is believing…

Providing manual labor

If ever there was a God moment on this trip, this was it! The brotherhood and the love of working with Godly men trumped all. Yes, we were tired and filthy, but were cleansed inside. At lunch, we prayed and broke bread with them as the village women prepared a superb soup. They even said that we were known to them as if we were friends from long ago because we had the love of Christ in us.

Stay tuned for more trip highlights!

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