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MBC isn’t just a Bible Study. Behind every MBC Study is a person with a Story. Here are some of those stories from people just like you around the world who have experienced new life and understanding through the teachings of MBC.

Solar-powered audio players in Nepal

Pastor: We are much grateful and thankful…this valuable device helped us to teach Holy Bible as collective lesson plan in a comprehensive way. We sincerely pray and ask to the Lord God for His abundant blessings for valuable and helpful Holy Bible materials in order to extend His Kingdom. Thanking you again.

Small groups in Moldova

Anatolie: This Bible study helps us to penetrate deeper into the knowledge of the Word of God and helps us to grow spiritually. As we study the Bible, we start desiring to evangelize the people around us.

Angela: Small group Bible study has two main positive influences. On the one hand, it broadens our knowledge of the Bible; we grow spiritually and get a better understanding of the words of Christ. On the other hand, we get to know each other better, we fellowship and share our joys, our troubles, our needs, we pray for each other. This helps our church to be more united.

A newcomer’s feedback: This is my third time at the church, and I like it very much. I want to get to know God more and more. The Lord helps me to fellowship with other people who are dear to me. We are like one big family. We pray for each other and it is so great. When I come to a group meeting I feel that my soul opens up. I would like to thank the Lord for the opportunity to learn His Word from our group leader. It is very important to us as we go in life every day.

Chisinau: I am so thankful that these materials got into our hands. I am a small ladies’ Bible study group leader. Our group predominantly consists of ladies over 50 years. We have tried to study the Bible using other materials. But the contents of those materials were a little too difficult to understand. These lessons, on the other hand, are very easy and understandable, so it is no trouble to us to study this material. We are very happy to take another course. Thank you so much for these lessons.

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