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June prayer calendar

Dear Prayer Partner,
Daniel lived in a small village in the heart of Nigeria with his wife and four beautiful children. They were an idol worshipping family living in a community of idol worshippers. One day, Daniel’s wife met an evangelist who told them that Jesus is“the way, the truth and the life.” On a glorious day in December, Daniel and his whole family were baptized. I know the angels celebrated and rejoiced because Luke 15:10 says, “there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”
One night, just a short time later, members of the community attacked Daniel and his family. They abducted his wife, sacrificed her to their gods and set his home ablaze. Daniel lost two sons and a daughter in the fire, and he cried out to God to save him. Taking his youngest son, he fled, finally arriving at a leper colony where the lepers welcomed them with open arms!
Daniel began to preach to the lepers about the love of Jesus. At first, the lepers refused to listen. Nobody ever cared for or loved a leper, and this Jesus was not different! But after months of prayer and preaching, the lepers began coming to Christ! Today, Daniel is the pastor of more than 200 lepers who worship under a tree in this small, dusty village in Nigeria! Now that is a celebration in heaven I would like to have been a part of!
Daniel’s story is one of redemption and restoration-the kind of story that shows us how Jesus loves those whom society rejects. Stories like this come across the desks of our field officers every day. Beautiful, heart-wrenching, miraculous stories!
How wondrous it is that we get to become a part of these stories. That part where prayers are prayed and a church is built. That miracle where a group of believers across the world begin to celebrate in their new House of Worship!
Pray for wisdom for our field officers and all those involved in Church Growth, that the Holy Spirit would show them the ones we should partner with. Pray, too, for those many believers who meet under the trees, that our Savior would visit with them.
Praying that Jesus would meet with you too!
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Claire Scott
ICM Prayer Coordinator

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