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Joy found in the middle of nowhere

Pastor Patric Wawundla  was called by God when he was a teenager as the Pastor of the United Apostolic Faith Bible Church in Lusaka, Zambia. The Lord used him as the lay minister in the youth serving under his senior pastor. He and his wife started doing missionary work traveling via bicycle around Western Zambia and Lusaka.

Pastor Patric Wawundla and his wife at a Zambian church service.

Pastor Patric Wawundla and his wife at a Zambian church service.

As his family traveled from village to village they assisted missionaries and pastors to establish churches. This year he planted a church in Liliachi, a small community in Seananga Village, Western Zambia. After planting this church they felt they should stay in Western Zambia and serve God in that area. Now, the Church in Liliachi serves as a base as they trust God to plant many more churches.

Liliachi Church is located in the innermost parts of Western Zambia where there are no roads to and from their location. When visitors come for fellowship they are forced to drive through the forest, sandy pathways and unbearable heat. At their arrival visitors will find the people of Lilliachi to be good farmers, making the most of their crops as they guide feeble cattle to transport well water and till the ground.

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Liliachi Church congregation’s current building. By this spring they will have a beautiful new building to do ministry in.

These indigenous farmers have so much joy and passion for God despite their lack of material wealth. When asked about it, they eagerly respond the credit for this joy rests in having Jesus. In this joy, however, God provided some material wealth for the congregation. Their application for a church has been accepted by ICM and they have begun to build a place of meeting that can better host fellowship events.

Once completed, this building will be used as a place of worship, community hall, Hope Center and school for children, and medical clinic.

Their project will be completed this spring, we cannot wait to see how the Lord continues to fill these people and reach their surrounding peoples through His Church.

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