Job Opportunities

MBC Associate Director

The MBC Associate Director reports to the Senior Director of Discipleship Resources, who manages the Mini Bible College Department.  The scope of this position is to lead the ministry’s work of nurturing believers worldwide using the Mini Bible College curriculum (currently translated into over 40 languages) plus other materials, and to reach the world for Christ with a reliance on the Lord, co-laboring with the Church Building team, and within the resources and assets available to ICM.

Primary Duties:

  • Implement marketing and distribution plans for MBC use:
    • Coordinate and manage worldwide nurturing operations of MBC to achieve ministry goals
    • Implement strategies and plans consistent with leadership directives
    • Expand distribution of MBC, using the latest and most culturally appropriate technology
    • Manage ministry assets in multiple language translations
    • Identify and execute best modes of delivery and use of MBC; e.g., small groups, individual study, world-wide web, ICM churches and daughter congregations, indigenous partner-wide ministries, and social media
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing programs and recommend improvements
    • Collect and identify significant stories and testimonies of fruit of ministry
    • Recommend air-time or other distribution opportunities
    • Create and lead all digital marketing initiatives
    • Lead Administrator staff in safely and efficiently delivering ICM resources to partners around the world
  • Manage the MBC Administrator Staff
    • Achieve management effectiveness and strive for excellence by orienting, training, reviewing, coaching and counseling
    • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the MBC Department
    • Communicate values, strategies and objectives
    • Manage staff responsibilities and accountabilities
    • Interview to fill staff hiring needs, recommending hire candidates
    • Plan, monitor and appraise job results
    • Conduct regular team meetings to discuss ministry updates, issues and recommendations
    • Manage plans and results measurements, allocating resources, reviewing progress and making mid-course corrections
      • Generate donor, cost and employee reports to management
      • Manage and account for ministry assets locally and internationally
      • Negotiate and execute terms and conditions of contracts and memos of understanding
    • Manage vendor relations for on-quality, on-budget and on-time delivery
    • Assist in efforts to automate project management systems, to include giving oversight to donor assignments
    • Oversee team excellence of the administrative work, including the tracking of key information, ensuring policy conformity and compliance with quality controls
      • See to the design, implementing and maintaining of an inventory system for tracking all assets, whether physical or digital, local or international
    • Process department payroll and manage employee time off
    • Work with ICM Volunteer Coordinator to staff and manage volunteer network at ICM HQ and internationally
  • Assist in product and systems development for MBC
    • Manage translation, production, broadcasting, distribution and printing and oversee their consistent aggregate reports
    • Coordinate delivery, training and translation projects to accomplish integrated strategies
    • Develop strategies to improve overall quality and productivity
    • Maintain the spiritual integrity of the Mini Bible College curriculum
    • Protect, manage or license copyright materials and trademarks
    • Assist in the creation, development, and implementation of new evangelism, discipleship, and church planting curriculum and methodology
    • Assist and manage the creation of ICM training videos for staff and partners
    • Actively participate in the development of a cloud-based integrated database management system 
  • Grow and manage nurturing relationships & opportunities – 10%
    • Expand and grow indigenous partner opportunities working in conjunction with the Directors of Partnership Review
    • Vet, negotiate and recommend new MBC Partners, projects or purchases
    • Explore, implement and leverage like-minded ministry opportunities, promoting ICM objectives with Strategic Alliances
    • Identify refugee support ministry needs and plans
    • Travel internationally to provide training and partner support
    • Attend conferences to represent and speak on behalf of ministry
    • Identify nurturing, ecclesiastical, pastoral, and practical ministry deficient among ICM partners and actively seek solutions

Qualified candidates can submit their resume to:

Director of Partnership Review (DPR) – Eurasia

The purpose of this position is to enhance the assigned Church Growth Partnerships (CGPs), raising the level of Partner competencies, capacities and Church Growth and nurturing qualities, while bringing new high-performing Partnerships into the ICM family-of-partnerships.  This position’s responsibilities include travel to audit the work of the CGPs and further enhance the relationships.  It is preferable the DPR would have experience in Southeast Asia.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Nurture current CGPs toward higher performance, through field audits; the monitoring of the status of Partnership expectations, including nurturing, projects and reports; and telephone/email contact.
    • Traveling under approved schedules to visit CGPs and audit the in-country work
      • Pre-trip actions to gain approvals and apprise others (details given separately)
      • Reviewing in-country records, making on-site project inspections, visiting MBC small groups, and assessing/encouraging CGP leadership
      • Reporting on trips, using ministry procedures to document visits, make recommendations and apprise others.
      • Participation in International Church Growth (ICG) meetings, bringing recommendations and explanations for assigned projects and Partnerships.
      • Participating in Partnership Assessment meetings semi-annually and in the Late Projects Process monthly (working closely with ICG Support where appropriate), assisting in ICM’s stewardship to see that projects are current and donors are apprised
      • Posting to ICM trip blogs while on trips and from office
    • Being the MBC representative while in the field and for the CGP, engaging with the MBC Department’s representative of the Strategic Ministry Team (SMT).
      • Overseeing MBC Training/Rollouts and seeing that MBC training is held wherever needed
      • Determining ongoing potential for MBC use
      • Inspecting ongoing use of MBC materials
      • In conjunction with the SMT, proposing MBC plans for current and new CGPs
      • Holding a prep meeting with the SMT prior to trips and a de-briefing meeting after trips
    • Owning the responsibility for current CGP reporting
      • Coordinating with ICG Support and MBC on ‘due’ or late reports
      • Contacting CGPs regarding all late reports and projects
  • Establish New High-Performing CGPs
    • Screening potential CG Partnerships
    • Vetting candidates for high-performance potential on nurturing with MBC and church building
    • Working with MBC Department to prepare new Partnerships for MBC use
    • Bringing recommendations for CG Partnerships to the ICG Approval Committee
    • Working with ICG Support and MBC to gain optimum start-up understanding for new CGP relationships, seeking like-understanding of expectations the necessary disciplines, while fostering fellowship between us
  • Handle other in-office duties pertaining to assigned region and CGPs
    • Processing emails and other correspondence and communications with CG Partners, including use of Skype, where possible, maintaining good Partner communications
    • Seeking information needed by Ministry Advancement
  • Assist with other special assignments directed by ministry leadership

Knowledge, Skills/Abilities and Characteristics Required (or equivalent) Which Must Be Learned:

  • Mature believer in Jesus and a student of God’s Word
  • A servant’s heart and a commitment to prayer
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Construction and/or project management experience or knowledge
  • International ministry/mission experience and travel particularly in Southeast Asia
  • Proficient use of computers, cell phones and other electronic communications tools
  • Proficiency in MS Office to include Word and Excel
  • Experience tracking expenses and reconciling expense reports
  • Solid interpersonal skills and ability to work both as a team member and independently
  • Comfort with cross-cultural communications
  • Organizational skills which assure the accuracy, consistency and timeliness of submitted records and data
  • Ability to work in a diverse setting and to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Willingness to travel at a minimum of four months per year.

Qualified candidates can submit their resume to:

Development Officer, Southwest Region

International Cooperating Ministries (ICM) Development Officers (DOs) are fundraisers working with and cultivating major donor relationships.

Qualified candidate will possess:

  • A strong/sincere passion for the ICM mission and belief in its Statement of Faith
  • 3-5 years of successful major donor development experience (evangelical nonprofit a plus)
  • The demonstrated ability to journey with approximately 100 major donor partners while adhering to ICM’s standard of conduct and advancement philosophy
  • Strong communication (written and verbal) and effective presentation skills
  • The self-motivation to work independently and the cooperative skills to work with the DO/ICM team
  • The ability to travel and manage time and resources effectively
  • The ability and desire to lead international donor vision trips
  • The organizational skills to develop, document, and execute plans to engage and cultivate long-term donor relationships
  • The technical ability to utilize the hardware/software used by DOs
  • The desire to learn/adapt/share best practices that help achieve ICM objectives

Employment requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Must pass a pre-employment reference screen
  • Proof of valid driver’s license and acceptable Motor Vehicle Report required
  • Must provide proof of legal authorization to work in the United States

Qualified candidates can submit their resume to:

Development Assistant

The Development Assistant (DA) reports to the Director of Ministry Advancement and is a member of the Development Team. The Development Assistant is responsible for supporting the Development Officer team with administrative tasks. This includes tracking monthly metrics, maintaining data, providing donor updates and reports, assisting with events, and requesting project reserves.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Development Officer (DO) Support
    This position supports the DO team by performing donor research, pulling reports of donor giving and correspondence, providing event support, assisting with project and reserve management, and completing special requests and communication touches.  The position also manages data for the DO team, correcting and imputing data as well as training the team on best practices.

Qualifications Required: (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)
Follower of Jesus Christ. College degree or equivalent experience. Strong attention to detail.  Strong organizational and communication skills. An appreciation for the passion of the ministry’s work.  Excellent word processing knowledge and typing skills, using Microsoft Word, along with a general comfort using computers.  Proficiency using Microsoft Office and the willingness to train on other software as needed.  Comfortable in working with numbers.  Knowledge of or ability to acquire knowledge of program principles, policies and procedures.  Ability to advance work on own initiative, using problem-solving and creative skills. Proven ability to organize, self-start, multi-task and maintain the timely execution of administrative tasks. Servant and missionary heart; positive attitude and teamwork-minded. Urgency for accuracy and quality of the finished product. Ability to balance and prioritize time in carrying out tasks. Openness to feedback and instruction.

Qualified candidates can submit their resume to: