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How Did I Get Here and Why Am I Here?

El Salvador 2015 (January 15-19)

Our daily morning devotion on the first day was themed, “How Did I Get Here?” While everyone knew the specific situation/circumstance that got them to El Salvador, most of us were trying to figure out why we were there and were asking, “What does God have planned for me on this trip?” Throughout our amazing journey we heard moving testimonies from our fellow travelers, pastors, congregation members, and children. Some testimonies told of hardships and struggles which ultimately brought them to Christ, while others told of a lifetime committed to Christ. While the individual details differed, the underlying theme was the same; God has a plan for each of us. The 24 of us who traveled together made lasting relationships with each other, the churches, the children, and interpreters. We understood it was not by chance, but rather God’s divine appointment, that we had the opportunity to take this journey together. So why were we there…for strength, for understanding, for relationships, for intervention, for healing, for leadership, and most of all, for LOVE. Each one of us has a better understanding of what it means to love one another the way Christ loves us and our lives will forever be changed.



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  1. Mary Masferrer

    Es grandioso lo que están haciendo en nuestro país. Dios le bendiga al hermano Albert Allen y el Equipo que visitó nuestro país, y nuestra iglesia, El Tabernáculo Bíblico Bautista Amigos de Israel

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