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Guatemala Vision Trip Summer 2015

Day 1

Arrival in Guatemala City and visit to Jordan Church


2015-06-25 Guatemala (5)
Dois Rosser greeting ICM partners in Guatemala.

2015-06-25 Guatemala (31)
The children laid hands upon the vision team as the congregation gave prayers of thanks for their new church and the hearts of ICM donors everywhere.

2015-06-25 Guatemala (46)
Lawrence has a word of encouragement for the pastor and his wife.


Day 2

After a wonderful devotional led by Bob Walton, the vision team traveled to visit and celebrate the dedication of Milagros de Cristo Church, then Pan de Vida Church and Hope Center, and finally the Peniel Church.

2015-06-26 Guatemala (50)
Upon arrival at Milagros de Cristo church the children welcomed and led the team into the church.

2015-06-26 Guatemala (117)
Mike delivered a word of encouragement to the congregation during the celebration service. He and Gisela are pictured here with a few of their new friends.

2015-06-26 Guatemala (134)
The team was honored with a wonderful feast after the service.

2015-06-26 Guatemala (190)
Worship, music and presentation at Pan de Vida Church and Hope Center


Day 3

Visits to Chupol Church, Antigua Guatemala, Galilea Church and Hope Center and Hosanna Church and Hope Center

2015-06-27 Guatemala (36) resized
The children welcome the team to Chupol church.

2015-06-27 Guatemala (30)
Robert reconnects with some old friends.

2015-06-27 Guatemala (75)
Roger imparts some wise words to the congregation at Chupol.

2015-06-27 Guatemala (77)
Many of the pastors traveled through the night to participate in the service at Chupol; each pastor now leads a congregation in newly constructed church.

2015-06-27 Guatemala (106)
Vision trip team group photo in Antigua

2015-06-27 Guatemala (146) resized
Quick visit to the monastery hotel before having to run back to the bus.

2015-06-27 Guatemala (152)
Dois Rosser getting by with a little help from his friends at Galilea Church and Hope Center – where over 150 children are ministered to every day.

2015-06-27 Guatemala (189)
The team ended their last day with an evening service at Hosanna Church and Hope Center.

2015-06-27 Guatemala (203) 2015-06-27 Guatemala (217)
God is praised through music, dance and skits.

2015-06-27 Guatemala (220) resized
The worship celebration ends with a lifting word from Dois about His living water (translated by our amazing MC Albert).

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