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God’s Heart for Iran

If I asked you where Christianity is growing the fastest, would Iran be your first guess?

Iran is a staunchly Muslim nation, known more for its nuclear program than its emergent spiritual revival. Right now, less than one percent of the population follows Christ. A Christian in Iran is unlikely to meet another believer face-to-face in his or her lifetime. Yet the gospel is taking hold here in an incredible way.

Nearly 10 years ago, a small group of Iranian Christians came together to strengthen Iran’s underground church. They did it through television, launching Iran’s first 24/7 Christian channel in Farsi, called Mohabat TV. As part of its regular programming, Mohabat TV films and broadcasts a full house church service–including singing, preaching and communion–for believers who have no other way to worship.

The Iranian government has tried many times to shut down this channel. But because it broadcasts via satellite from outside of the country, they have not succeeded.

Mohabat TV reaches an estimated 16 million Iranians through both satellite TV and social media. Thousands are coming to Christ. In 2016 alone, Mohabat TV received more than 166,000 phone calls in response to its programming and helped distribute nearly 1,000 physical Bibles.

The average age of those coming to Christ? Thirty-one years old.

This year, ICM learned about Mohabat TV and their incredible ministry. They learned about our discipleship program called The Mini Bible College (MBC), which was translated into Farsi only a few years ago. Very few Bible studies like MBC exist in Iran’s official language, and the ability of Iranian Christians to access them is extremely limited. So starting next year, Mohabat TV will partner with ICM to introduce the MBC content to millions of Iranians so they can learn deeply–for free!–about the Bible and the God who inspired it.

We couldn’t be more excited to be part of this!

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Iran, and for those who will soon come to know Christ. The gospel is going forward, and God is transforming the nations for His glory–even in the most unlikely places.

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