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Equipping Muslim Refugees with Mini Bible College

The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the best opportunities to evangelize Muslims in centuries. Recent reports indicate that Muslims are coming to Christ in unprecedented numbers, and we pray God continues to use the tragedies in the Middle East to bring many more to Himself. We have been blessed to equip several organizations with MBC resources that are being used in refugee camps.

Please pray with us over their report from the field:

We have a community center which is serving refugees through medical care and vocational training. At the beginning of April, we started to promote the MBC audio players by printing posters showing the device and telling people, ‘Whoever cannot read and wants to know more about Jesus Christ and His life can come to the director’s office and have the device.’

One of the Sudanese ladies went to the director and told him, ‘I am a Muslim. Will you be able to give me one player?’ The manager said, ‘Yes. This is for all people who need it, regardless their belief or their background.’

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