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Dedicating Churches in Papua New Guinea for the First Time

Thanks to you all, Christians in Papua New Guinea are worshipping in a permanent church building for the first time!

Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, with over 500 different languages among just 7 million people. The country is modernizing, but most of the people are only a generation from isolated tribal living. However, thanks to the previous generation of missionaries, Papua New Guinea was declared a Christian nation in the 1970s, and the Bible is included as part of the constitution.

As the country continues to modernize, the need for permanent church buildings is growing, and we are thrilled to have dedicated our FIRST churches there just a few weeks ago!

Papua New Guinea-heart of flowers 2

This congregation went “all out” for their church dedication.

Papua New Guinea-church dedication 9

Women from the local congregation celebrate with song and dance!

Papua New Guinea-church entrance

One of our first churches in Papua New Guinea!

Papua new guinea clay masks 2

You know how in the U.S. we might hire a clown for a birthday party or in Mexico they might invite a Mariachi band to a big party? Well, in Papua New Guinea they hire these guys! The clay masks are based on a local legend and are only brought out on special occasions.

Papua New Guinea-clay masks 9#

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