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Coming into focus

Here at ICM, we get so many emails from people in other countries, thanking us for a new church building and/or Bible study materials, that sometimes the messages begin to blur together. Then, God sends a story that you haven’t heard before, and you are taken aback all over again at all He is doing. Sometimes, it’s a sad story; others, joyous. And sometimes, like in this instance, it’s something so simple you would never imagine its impact on your heart. This particular one spoke to me:

“Thank you for the audio players. They are so helpful for those of us who cannot afford to buy glasses.”

I know, it’s not your typical kind of poignance. But to this girl (me), who has worn coke-bottle glasses since the third grade, it hit home. My eyesight may be bad, but I’ve always had the means to physically see. I can’t imagine not being able to afford to see.

God, as He so often does, drew a parallel for me from this one simple statement. Though these people cannot afford glasses or contacts or Lasik, He is working through us—all of us—you and me—to give them eyes to see Him.

Wow. How does He do that? I don’t know how God is able to always bring the real message into laser focus, but I’ll tell you, I love it when He does. And it’s pretty cool that He’s chosen to bring you and me along for the ride.


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