Nimmagudem Church

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My parents were converted Christians from a Hindu background. I used to pray about my future every day. God spoke to me after a year through Isaiah 43:1, 2. After Bible college I returned to my village. When I found out there was no pastor working, I started praying for God’s leading and help. God inspired me to do His work in my village. I started prayers and house visiting again in our village. People started gathering as a church in my village. About 80 older people, 12 young people and 20 children.

We all gather in this old temporary shelter. We need a solid church building for us all to gather for prayers and to praise the Lord. Since it is forest area many people do not like to come and do ministry here. We heard that you have come to one of the deepest areas of this forest and built a beautiful church building for the villagers there. We praised God for those villagers—now we are praying for a church building for our village. I feel God inspired me with His vision for this area. I started the church in 2000 and have been ministering in this place and surrounding villages.

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