Our Story

A little about us

After completing the Mini Bible College, a four-year Bible study by Pastor Dick Woodward, in the early 80s, businessman Dois Rosser wanted others to have access to the same life-changing material. In partnership with Trans World Radio, Rosser funded the translation and radio broadcast of MBC in Latin America, China and soon, India. In 1986, Rosser traveled from Hampton, Virginia, to India to see the impact of the radio broadcast. While there, he saw the people’s desperate need for church buildings, and ICM was born.

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100% goes to the project

ICM’s general and administrative costs are covered by private foundations, so 100% of your designated gift goes to the cost of church building projects or Bible study distribution.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization that leverages assets to maximize efficiency. Our highly disciplined administrative structure efficiently oversees resources, with 30 years of proven results. ICM is the ministry of the Rosser Foundation.

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Our Leadership

Dois Rosser
Founder and Chair Emeritus

Dois Rosser established multiple auto dealerships, land development projects and numerous business ventures during his lengthy business career. As he will quickly say, “all of my life in the business world was preparation for what God has for me now.”

Janice Allen
Executive Chair and CEO

Janice Allen has been an ICM board member since the ministry’s inception. In 2002, she became involved with strategic planning, operations and development, filling the role of Executive Chair since 2008. She is passionate about sharing the amazing stories of how God is working around the world.


Geof Stiff

Geof Stiff is former senior vice president for the Retirement and Protection segment of Genworth Financial in Richmond, Va., and has more than 35 years of experience in finance, management and product development. A former CPA, CFO and insurance executive, he is an innovator of financial products and has patents pending.