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A Place to Run to

Girls eat a hot meal at Mlachivka Hope Center.

In northern Ukraine, on the outskirts of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, you can hear the sounds of children playing. Mlachivka village, near a Ukrainian military base, is home to the children of soldiers and the women who sell sex to them to earn a living. Most of these children are raised by their grandmothers.

Adia*, a girl in this village, shares a home with her mother, stepfather and two younger half-siblings. Yet life is far from peaceful. Adia’s mother and step-father are severe alcoholics. When the adults fight, Adia flees the home—often taking her brother and sister with her.

Last winter, a particularly violent fight between her mother and stepfather jolted Adia from a deep sleep. Braving the frigid cold, Adia grabbed her siblings—still in their underwear—and ran a mile down the road. See, in this village is an ICM Hope Center helping to take care of kids just like Adia. Adia brought her brother and sister to Mlachivka Hope Center, where they were able to get help.

When you Engage the Future through ICM, you give young people like Adia a safe place to run to—a place where the love of Jesus is waiting to embrace them.

Please pray for Adia, her family, and the ICM Hope Centers ministering to children all over Eastern Europe.


*Name changed to protect identity.

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